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What are Xenoestrogens?

Hello Survivors! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here to talk to you today about ways you can protect your body from harmful substances that are all around us. If you have picked up a bottle of water lately or consumed packaged, processed foods, you’ve ingested xenoestrogens. What are xenoestrogens, you might ask? They are arterial chemicals that when ingested by the body take on the same roles as estrogens. While this might seem strange to consider, these can actually have a significant, harmful effect on your body, and protecting yourself against their effects is one of the ways that you can preserve your health.

Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is a chemical additive that has been used in plastics since the 1950s. It helps to make them more easily moldable and reactive to their environments. However, it has been revealed in recent years that this chemical can cause abnormal growth in fish and frogs, along with other wild animals. It is used in a wide range of common household products and is so widespread that even polar bears have tested positive for it.

What Can Bisphenol A Do?

Studies have shown that BPA can have tremendously negative effects on the health of animals and can encourage the appearance of more feminine physical traits. In addition, they can affect fetuses and their brain development and can may high blood pressure and prostate problems in adults. In short, they can be devastating to the health of anyone, and protecting against them is one step you can take to protect yourself before any SHTF scenario hits.

How Do I Protect Myself from BPAs?

The first and most important step you can take to protect yourself from BPAs is by reducing your exposure to them. Throw away any and all plastics that you can spare, and if you must use any, use ones that are BPA free. In addition, some filters are able to remove them on their own. TAAML activators mixed with hydrogen peroxide can cause BPA particles to clump, making them easy to remove, but this may be outside the reach for all but the most serious survivalists.

BPA is part of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we walk on. Removing as much as we can from our environments is one of the best ways to ensure our long-term health and survival.

Protect Against Hyperinflation

Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, here to talk to you today about what to do in a hyperinflationary environment. If you are paying any attention to the Federal Reserve, you’ll know that it’s only a matter of time until hyperinflation destroys the dollar. Many stories of people living through hyperinflation can be seen in the news, and if you are interested in protecting your wealth, this is one scenario which is sure to keep you up at night. However, by guarding against inflation today, you can be ready to profit from it tomorrow.

What is Inflation?

Inflation is the decline in value of any currency in relation to goods and services. This can happen when a central bank turns on the printing presses, either to pay down a debt or to buy off supporters with free money. Either way, it spells bad news for those who have saved diligently and built wealth over a lifetime. This is easy to accomplish with fiat currency, as it can literally be printed as a central bank decides. Diversifying your wealth can protect you from many of the risks inherent in fiat currency.

How to Diversify

Instead of holding all of your wealth in currency or dollar-denominated assets, you can diversify toward a wide range of useful items which will be in demand in any post-dollar world. A few of these are

  • Machinery or tools
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Seeds
  • Fuel or energy sources
  • Rare and precious metals
  • Construction materials
  • Luxury goods, such as cloth
  • Animals
  • Knowledge and information

While you can build wealth in dollars, the wise survivor knows that this can disappear overnight. Hard, durable goods, however, won’t lave unless you decide to part ways with them, and can instead [produce more wealth for you in the meantime.

Finding the best ways to diversify will depend on your needs and the situation you are preparing for. You must continually re-evaluate these in order to make the right decisions for yourself and your wealth.

Nutrient Supplements for Survivalists

Hello again, Survivors, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here once more to tell you about survival tips. Today we’ll be looking at nutrition supplements which can help you survive a long-term emergency. While many people rightly pay attention to more immediate concerns such as food, water and shelter, a nutritional deficiency can cause you to slowly waste away, no matter how high your walls are or how deep your bunker may be. Many an intrepid explorer has met an untimely end, not due to a wild animal or a clash with an enemy, but simply because they didn’t have enough thiamin.

Getting the Nutrition That You Need

If you are looking at a long-term survival situation, you will want to make sure that you have a handful of essential elements on hand, which can help you to make the most out of your rations without having to look for costly supplies which may not eve be available near you. Purchasing these in bulk ahead of time can make a significant difference in your livelihood and can help you to better survive and thrive in a no-rules environment.

Common Supplements

While there are a wide range of supplements you can take, there are a handful which you should pay special attention to thanks to the benefits they can bring you, and their necessity for anyone who may be living off-the-grid for an extended period of time.

  • Zinc: This mineral is essential for healthy functioning of the immune system, and is missing from most plant sources of protein. It can only be found from animal food sources, along with a handful of legume, such as pumpkin seeds. Keeping zinc on-hand could help to protect you from disease.
  • Selenium: This is vital for the proper functioning of your thyroid. If you do not have enough selenium, you can easily feel tired or This mineral is one of the rarest on earth, and one of the only foods with a high amount of it are brazil nuts. Adequate selenium supplies can help you function properly in a SHTF scenario, where you will need to be alert at all times to monitor threats on the horizon.
  • Vitamin C: Sailors used to often get curvy, which is a degenerative illness that destroys the tendons and other connective tissues in the body. You can avoid this fate by taking regular supplements of vitamin C. This can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, which may be hard to acquire in any emergency situation. However, a powdered form can keep you in good health for years.

Choosing a few key supplements to take during an emergency situation can help you better survive the long haul. Keeping your health in any emergency situation is of paramount importance, and this could be a great way to do so.



Protect Your House from Looters: Part Two

Hello all! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here. This is the second part of our two-part series about protecting your house from looters. If you want to three ways to protect your urban survivalist home from looters during an inevitable crisis last time, follow this series! Here are the final two tips to STAY SAFE, STAY PREPARED! Don’t think it won’t happen, because it might just happen sooner than you think.


Your House Shouldn’t Look Unoccupied

Whenever you’re gone for a longer period of time, make sure it looks like you’re there the entire time.


First, light up your house. Add a motion-sensor lighting system to your property. Whenever anyone gets close, they get lit up. This lighting can be used inside and outside your house to scare looters off before they get to the front door.


Also, don’t let mail get piled up in your box. It screams “I’m not home. Break into my house!” Ask someone you trust to pick it up for you.


If you can, set up timed electronics in the house like a TV or stereo. The sound will make it even more convincing that you are actually at home.


When all else fails…

Don’t Let Looters Off Easy!

When looters enter such a well-prepared house their going to be looking for some great stuff. So, give them a hell of a time finding it. Typically, looters only stay for minutes, avoiding the ever-increasing risk of being caught. The longer it takes for them to find your stuff, the quicker they’ll decide it’s not worth it and leave with just what’s out in the open.


So as a general rule, never keep your valuables on display. However, there are some things you can’t hide, so just etch your name and phone number on them. This will give them a hard time to sell your stuff.


Keep your stockpile in a hidden place, maybe covered up or in a closet, even better in someplace locked up. During a crisis, your stockpile is crucial, so protect it. Put a sturdy bolt lock on it and keep it hidden. Food, water and a heating source, you’ll be good.


During a crisis these tips can help keep your home safe.



Don’t let your family or your stockpile fall in danger. Let me, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, know how you plan to prepare your house in the comments below.


Ways to Keep Looters Away from Your Home

Hello all! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here to tell you what you need keep looters far away from your house when disaster strikes. Urban survivalists, don’t get caught off guard when something inevitably goes wrong! This is part one of our two-part series, so make sure to check back to learn more!


How to Protect Yourself


An Unappealing House is a Safe House

I don’t mean trash your yard, or anything like that. That’s a rookie mistake. Trashed houses are good targets as it could hold hidden treasures.


Just make your house less appealing than a neighbors’. You want looters to look elsewhere, ignoring your house. If your house stands out, change it up. Make it look like no work has been done it in forever, scratch the paint here and there, and keep your valuables away from windows, including your food and weapons.


Fortify the House Against Break-ins

Set up “obstacles” all around your front yard to keep looters away from your door. Plant thorny bushes around windows. Keep plants short, so looters have nowhere to hide.


Next, check the door itself. Invest in a quality bolt lock for the door. This isn’t a place to be stingy, get the best lock you can afford. Make sure it’s something a simple pair of bolt cutters can’t break.


Look for weak spots in your home’s defense. Big, fragile windows, or anything with a lot of glass. Cover it with a protective sheeting. It’s available at Walmart and not expensive, but it will make the glass much harder to break.


Last, but certainly not least, get a big, mean-looking dog. When you train it well, you’ll have a companion for your family that you can count on as your bodyguard.


Don’t Let Wandering Eyes See Your Stash

Furniture, TV sets, DVD players, an audio system, or other gadgets. Keep them out of sight. But remember looters aren’t always coming from the outside.


In times of crisis, even your best friend could be a looter. When the eventual downfall comes being generous isn’t on the agenda. If you’re stockpiling(include link to your article about stockpiling), ensure you keep your supplies hidden where visitors won’t see them.


A storage room, pantry, garage, or an actual room you use to store said stockpile, these all will work. Then, ALWAYS KEEP IT LOCKED and don’t leave the key in a noticeable place. Hide it in a cupboard, drawer, or better yet wear it on a chain, so you have it at all times.


Also, work to hide generators, survival kits, weapons, bug-out bags, and the rest of your emergency supplies. Food won’t always be what looters are going for. Some will be looking for hard to find supplies that last. All of it needs to be hidden.


Do you have a looting survival plan in place? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments!

How Will Society Eventually Collapse? (Part IV)

Hello and welcome back! This is Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, and I’m glad you made it to Part IV. While writing all of this out I realized how imminent all the danger can be for the demise of our society. With so many scenarios of epic scale, these situations must not be taken lightly. Nor should they go unprepared for. Being prepared beings having higher chances of survival. Because whether you like it or not, at least one of these things will turn out to be true, if not a combination of some.


World War III/Civil War

There’s so much internal and global turmoil, and history clearly repeats itself too often. The chances of another full-on war—whether among Americans or with the world at large—is bound to happen sooner or later. The question remains as to whether or not it could potentially drive society into irreparable ruin. And sometimes not everyone sees a large-scale war coming. Nevertheless, you need to prepare for it!


I mentioned in the initial series how a terrorist attack could destroy our infrastructure, but what would happen if it propelled us into war? Especially on our own soil?? With too many foolish and erroneous liberals dividing the country right now, many terrorist groups could see this as a prime opportunity to stage their attack. And if even your own Army says it’s unprepared, the time to get your act together is NOW.


EMP Attack

Back when nuclear testing was being conducted, experts agreed that electrical equipment could be damaged by a nuclear blast. But the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would soon be discovered as something far more powerful: it could wipe out entire power grids across the globe. And threats of EMP attacks have increased since the Cold War. Modernized weapons are now capable of producing an EMP of catastrophic size, and the results would be terrifying.


While it’s possible for natural events to produce an EMP, the likelihood that it’s a manmade event is much greater, especially considering our unstable foreign climate. This coming in the form of a high-altitude electromagnetic pulses (HEMP) device, depending on the location and power of its blast. It could not only shut down the power grid but also disrupt the communications infrastructure!


As always, folks, it’s vital to remain prepared long-term for an EMP attack:

  • Stock up on emergency supplies like food, water, medication, and flashlights for your root cellar
  • Have a well-thought out evac strategy and bug out plan to G.O.O.D.
  • Protect your family from looters and criminals! Security is a major concern, and you’ll need to be able to defend not just your family but your supplies and your BOL as well
  • Keep a handy genny along with a solar charger and portable battery backups
  • Plan for alternative methods of communication
  • Repurpose a metal trash can or turn your garage into a Faraday Cage to protect belongings from an EMP


Well, folks, that concludes my four-part series on doomsday scenarios, and I hope you got some useful information on it. So what did you think about the series? It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? Do you have anything to contribute? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments!

How Will Society Eventually Collapse? (Part III)

Hello everyone! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, back to bring you another interesting look at possible ways in which we could be seeing the fall of our social order. TEOTWAWKI has to start somewhere, so I try to cover as many bases as possible when examining potential causes and how to prepare yourself for them. Inevitably we survivalists know that when the SHTF, it’s time to bug in or bug out, but it’s our plans may change at any given moment depending on the nature of the scenario. So let’s continue, shall we? And don’t forget to come back to check out part four of the series!



Doesn’t seem likely, right? In the previous series’ subtopic on Financial and Economic Breakdown, I realized the inability to deliver goods by itself could destroy society alone. Though the Dustbowl happened of natural causes, what could prevent that or some other manmade interference from letting it happen again? We rely too much on other countries like Mexico and China, who export much of our consumables. American farming has dropped at an alarming rate, and not enough people are equipped or capable of producing their own food. Degenerate cities promote the urban/rural divide. And with predicted population booms in the coming years, food sources will be depleted.


But then there’s also the issue of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, the UN-sponsored plan to destroy all organic food and nutritional supplements. Junk science has redefined toxins as “nutrients,” serving the financial interests of massive multinational corporations. It is harmful to organic meat and dairy, organic agriculture and clean food, harmful to natural health, to you, and the planet. And because of all the red tape and secretive installation of this CODEX plan, real food as we know it will be gone, and so will your freedom of choice. Will YOU be prepared to harvest your own food when the time comes?



I don’t believe the CDC’s internal numbers are reported in full disclosure. Things like H5N1, mutated flu viruses, Ebola, and even HIV/AIDS are all being misrepresented and have the potential to wreak the kind of havoc unseen since the Bubonic Plague. There’s always something new that the government or liberal media tries to suppress, leaving people like us susceptible to widespread danger. And our American hospitals are left unable to contain the pathogens or handle disease outbreak.


But what if a pandemic strikes?  Here’s what you need to do to best stay prepared:

  • Stay informed as much as possible
  • Prepare for a quarantine; there will be travel restrictions and curfews, so stock up on essential goods, money, and medication for your root cellar
  • Isolate yourself and avoid public places as much as possible; in short, G.O.O.D.
  • Follow basic and advanced hygiene rules; sanitize EVERYTHING, wear latex gloves, goggles, and face masks, and do not share drinks or utensils
  • Remain healthy the best you can by eating healthy, avoiding sweets and salty foods, getting enough sleep, taking vitamins and colloidal silver, and exercising regularly
  • Avoid getting sick at all costs! There may not be a vaccine, and even if there is, the supply may be limited; should you happen to fall ill, keep yourself quarantined from anyone else in your party, but try to seek medical care immediately


These are some pretty scary ideas. Some would say they’re less likely than others, but one thing I’ve learned as a survivalist: never rule out any possibility! But I’d be interested to know what you think. Leave a comment for me, Rob Raskin, down below to further explore these ideas! Part IV of this series will cover World War III/Civil War and EMP Attack.

How Will Society Eventually Collapse? (Part II)

Hey, everyone! It’s Rob Raskin from Las Vegas again, here with Part II of the series on potential TEOTWAWKI scenarios. Read on to learn about more dangerous events that could cause societal collapse and what to do when the SHTF. This is part two of a four-part series, so be sure to check back for more!


Political and Social Unrest

This may sound similar to the previous topic, but this is what will happen following societal collapse. The Golden Horde of zombies will engage in a free-for-all, leaving the lives of you and your loved ones in jeopardy! Even if it winds up being foreign terrorists that bring about TEOTWAWKI, there’s too many snowflake liberal groups in our own country that will prove to be adversarial to your own defense systems! Antifa, BLM, rioters, and even feminists, atheists, homosexuals, and other misguided SJWs – all making the kind of trouble that could disrupt your optimum level of preparedness.


Take self-defense seriously! Know what to do in the event you find yourself caught in:

  • Martial Law
  • State of emergency
  • The Golden Horde
  • Riots and rebellions
  • Terror attacks at large events
  • Active shooters
  • School and mass shootings
  • Insurgency


Financial and Economic Breakdown

This is one that no one will predict, because many people seem to think we’re pretty stable. I believe wholeheartedly our current administration will return the country to the stability it needs. But for the purposes of this list, it should be included. On September 17, 2008, a record $140 billion was withdrawn by panicked investors from money market accounts that almost destroyed the Reserve Primary Fund. So it’s a real possibility.


With an economic collapse, there would be no access to credit, no banks, demand would outweigh supply of things like food, water, medicine, and gas, and old-world bartering systems would take over. There would also be global panic, as the demise of the dollar would affect other world currencies. The day of reckoning will someday come, as the country is still over $20 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities past $120 trillion in debt.


Doomers and anti-CODEX preppers for a world WROL know. Be on the lookout for signs of a financial and economic breakdown:

  • The U.S. dollar loses value rapidly
  • Mass bank runs
  • A super-virus wiping out the internet
  • Interstate trucking and shipments stopped by terrorist attacks or oil embargoes
  • National widespread violence erupts
  • If the Federal Reserve is compromised by an international conspiracy


I’m Rob Raskin, and I want you to be fully prepared when the SHTF. Part III of this series will cover Famine and Pandemics as possible TEOTWAWKI scenarios!