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Why You Should Have an Air Rifle

Hello everyone! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I’d like to talk to you about air rifle prepping. If you think of Ralphie putting his eye out first when you think of air rifles, think again. This is an undervalued tool that any prepper should add to their inventory because it offers high velocity and accuracy. You can also make your own air rifle pellets at your homestead or while you are out hunting, making them your go-to weapon when you don’t have access to ammo.


Are you shopping around for an air rifle? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing one.

  • Distance – How far do you need to shoot?
  • Purpose – How do you intend to use your air rifle?
  • Type- PCP, Gas Ram, or Spring Gun?
  • Trigger Sensitivity – Buy the gun that is designed for your needs.
  • Features – Do your research and make sure you are getting the features you require.


One thing many preppers use air rifles for is hunting small game. This is another reason to consider this weapon. If it’s TEOTWAWKI, there will be a shortage of wild game, as I have discussed in previous blogs. In this situation, small game may be all you’ve got.


Another benefit of using air rifles is they are a quieter option. This may also be to your benefit in a SHTF situation, when you may find yourself trying to avoid detection.


Did you know air rifles aren’t considered to be firearms in many, if not most, jurisdictions? Although state laws vary, in most situations it is legal for survivalists to own these weapons.


Do you own an air rifle? Share your opinions and tips in the comments!

Prepping for an EMP Attack

Hello everyone, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to discuss the threat of EMP attacks and what preppers can do about it. Kim Jong Un has not kept his word, and North Korea has threatened an EMP attack in the past. An EMP attack would devastate the electrical grid, and depending on its strength it could cost millions of lives. Make sure you and your loved ones aren’t included with the casualties by taking steps now—before it’s too late!


What Would Happen During an EMP Attack?

  • People would be trapped anywhere you needed electricity to get out of. Think elevators, subways, and anywhere else you’d depend on automated doors or security.
  • Hospitals would not be able to do their jobs and there’d be no life support.
  • Nearly all communication as we know it would cease, including phones and internet.
  • Water treatment plants would no longer function, so no more clean water.
  • There would be panic and disorder in the streets, putting everyone in danger.


If your car doesn’t work, your phone doesn’t work, and planes are falling out of the sky, it may be the result of an EMP attack. Are you worried about an EMP attack in the future? Many of us are, but luckily there are steps we can take TODAY that will help you to prepare.


Return to Your Home Immediately

This is not the time to stay at the office wasting time trying to get your computer or phone to restart. The first few hours after an EMP attack will be make or break, and time will be of the essence.


Use Your Cash While You Can

Think your cash will hold its value for long after the electrical grid has collapsed? Think again. Use cash to get as many essential supplies as you can, while you still can.


Fill Every Receptacle You Can with Water

Sinks, tubs, buckets—everything! You’ll never regret having enough water on-hand, and if you don’t you may not live long enough to regret for too long anyway.


Make a Security Plan

If you are in a neighborhood, you’ll also want to meet with your neighbors to organize. You’ll want to consider issues like safety, rationing food, and possibly securing the community.


You can never be too prepared, so remember, do your homework today for a better tomorrow!

Most Watched YouTube Prepper Videos

Hello everyone! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to share some prepper videos with you. More people are prepping now than ever before, and one place where this is really evident is YouTube. As long as we still have electricity and the Internet, we will have a steady stream of new survivalist videos, but not all content is created equally. Here are a few of the most popular videos you’ll find online today.

How To Start Prepping: Top Ten List

YouTube user DynamicPrepper’s video has an incredible 1.5M views. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a prepper but you aren’t sure where to start, this is the place.

Top SHTF Prepping Ideas 2017

YouTube user SurvivalGuru’s video deals with important topics like SHTF food, the best survival training, and economic crash warning signs.


My Top 10 List of Survival/ Prepping Items

If you’re worried about the future of Canada under Trudeau, check out Canadian Prepper’s video, in which he shares his survival and prepping Top 10.






Which Greenhouse is Right for You?

Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today we’ll be discussing different types of greenhouses. Choosing the right greenhouse can make all the difference to the viability of your survival efforts. Depending on your constraints, you can find the right greenhouse that can serve your needs. There is an incredible variety to choose from, and you’ll be able to work with the one you are most comfortable with. Take some time to learn about the different types to better prepare for an emergency.

Tunnels or Igloos

One of the least-expensive options can be found with tunnels or igloos. This simply involves placing some kind of disposable plastic bag or tarp over your crops, possible around oops, but often using nothing at all. These are easy and cheap to install, but have a low survivability against extreme elements, especially wind-blown debris. You also won’t have very good ventilation with them, which can make it easy for your plants to get diseases.

Screened Greenhouses

These greenhouses provide some level of protection against insects and some debris, but they allow a free-flow of air between your plant and the outside environment. These can be ideal for mild climates that stay warm year-round and which have many insects. However, these will be unsuitable for most other environments.

Warm House

A warm house will be a mid-sized greenhouse that has some ability to warm your plants, but which won’t be able to reach the tropical temperatures of a hothouse. This can be ideal for growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables and can be easier to maintain than a full-scale hothouse. Overall, these offer an ideal compromise between function and cost which many growers will find attractive.

Hot House

A hot house will be the most expensive kind of greenhouse but will offer the widest range of capabilities. You will need to install sufficient ventilation and power capabilities in yours in order to gain the full scale of functionality available to you. It will also be a significant drain on your water and energy supplies, so you will want to make sure you are able to recycle as much of the water as possible and find a way to make the greenhouse also energy-independent. However, they can offer significant yields.

A greenhouse can make all the difference to the success of your survival strategies. Choosing the right kind from the outset can help you avoid difficulties later on.

Where to Buy Silver

Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again to talk to you about the importance of buying silver. While many Survivors focus on accumulating gold, silver has a number of advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. Obtaining silver can be an inexpensive alternative to accumulating gold and can be more suited for daily transactions in an environment where fiat currencies are no longer accepted. Silver is also easy to obtain through a wide array of sources and learning about the best ways to do so can give you an advantage in a survival situation.

How to Buy Silver

If you are interested in buying silver, you’ll be able to obtain it from online outlets as well as from traditional brick-and-mortar stores. If you are shopping online, you will want to be careful where you buy it from. A disreputable supplier could simply take your money or infect your computer with malware, which may access other financial information that you have. However, with a reputable supplier, you can purchase silver in just about any amount you wish. Smaller one-ounce bars are ideally-suited to day-to-day transactions, while bigger bars and bullion are better suited to long-term storage of value.

What Kind of Silver Should I Buy?

If you are in the market for silver, you’ll be able to choose from a wide array of different types. Sterling silver is of uniform quality, but generally less pure than more refined alloys. However, it is commonly found in jewelry and kitchenware. You can also purchase .999 silver, usually sold in troy ounces, which is a much more pure and refined alloy of silver. This will need to be protected so it does not oxidize, so keep it in a low-oxygen environment and you should be able to protect its value over the long-term.

Finding the right way to obtain silver can help you secure financial stability for years to come. With gold and silver on your side, you could enjoy a life without risk of losing your wealth.