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Mylar for Survival with Rob Raskin

If you want to survive TEOTWAWKI, one of your best bets is to stock up on Mylar sheets!

Hello everyone, Robert Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to talk about some uses for Mylar sheets, which I mentioned in a recent blog. These “space blankets” are so versatile that I thought they deserved their own post! There are so many benefits to Mylar because this material won’t crack if you store it in a small space, so you can fit several of them into your survival bag. These blankets are waterproof, they don’t biodegrade, and they are ideal for helping you to stay warm because they can hold in your body heat. If you get under one with another person or even your dog, even better!


Sleeping and Shelter

You can protect yourself from damp ground by sleeping on a Mylar sheet, and you can put one over you to keep in the heat. You can also use them to create makeshift shelters if you don’t have any other materials available. You can also use them to create a layer of insulation over any shelter you’ve created. Just make sure you’ve packed duct tape!


One reviewer’s take on whether or not Mylar will stand up to the winter cold.


Cooking and Fire

You can use a Mylar sheet to start a fire, thanks to the reflective materials, and you can also wrap food in one to heat it up like an oven. These blankets can be used to reflect heat from an oven or a fire, and you can even use them as a fishing lure or to protect the vegetables in your garden from predators and the elements. Is there anything you can’t do with a Mylar sheet? It sure doesn’t seem like it!


Watch this video to learn how to make an oven using Mylar!


Store rice for 30 years using Mylar!


Check back with me, Robert Raskin, next time, because you never know when disaster may strike, so it’s best to be prepared!

Should You Buy Gold to Avoid the Banks?

An article in the Atlantic made the claim, “. . . when an economy goes full-on Mad Max and we’re all reduced to bartering, the survivors are going to be more interested in useful goods than in a soft metal useful mostly for ornamental purposes,” but how can we know this will be true? Along with food, water, shelter, and ammunition, precious metals like gold and silver should be a part of your survival kit. No one has any idea what the world would look like in the event that disaster were to strike, but if there are opportunities to buy valuable supplies in the event that you needed them, wouldn’t you be glad that you had gold to barter with?


An International Currency

One thing every social collapse in history has had in common is the use of gold as a commodity. One argument for investing in gold is it can be traded across international borders. While it is true that the borders as we know them now may change or cease to exist entirely if there were a major upheaval, new borders will inevitably be created. It makes sense that you’d want some form of currency that you could use anywhere, and in any situation, regardless of who you happen to end up bartering with. There is also always the possibility that you will be able to trade your gold for another nation’s currency if need be.


Will it Lose Value?

Because no one can say what would happen to world economies or gold values or whether there would be total financial collapse, your gold would still be as valuable as anyone else’s. If your gold is worth considerably less somewhere down the line, everyone else’s will be as well, and you will still have something that is of worth even if that worth has changed. If it ended up without any trade value at all, then that may be something you’ll need to decide if you are willing to risk, but if you are in a financial position to invest something into gold just in case, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?


Gold or Silver: Which is Best?

Silver or gold? That is a question you’ll need to carefully weigh before you make any big investments. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, silver has a better chance of being included in trade, and it can be easier to deal with because it can be used in smaller increments that can be traded for smaller items of value that you may not want to part with an entire gold ingot over. A well-rounded survival plan will include both, just to make sure you are covered in any situation, and following the market will give you an idea of when the best time to buy is so you can maximize your investment.


What the Experts Say

Experts recommend not investing more than 3% of your portfolio in precious metals, and for most investors that is a fair trade to make for a little peace of mind. There are some who claim that voluntary trade will be just as valuable as gold in a post-apocalyptic society. If you aren’t in a position to invest in gold and silver, it should not be a major concern as you can focus on other areas of preparation such as your stockpile of canned goods, water, first aid supplies, and weapons, which may very well end up being of far more use to you in the long run.