Elon Musk stands accused of sexual misconduct by a flight attendant’s friend whom he describes as a “far-left” actress with “a major political axe to grind”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been accused of paying $250,000 to a SpaceX flight attendant to silence her claims of sexual misconduct after he allegedly exposed himself to her and propositioned her. However, these claims are coming not from the allegedly harassed employee, but from her “far-left” actress friend.

Musk has responded to the allegations on Twitter as a political hit piece by a “far-left” actress with a “major political axe to grind” regarding his acquisition of Twitter.

The Tesla CEO describes the incident as never having happened and even issues a challenge to his accuser: describe a part of his body that the public does not see.

Adamant that the alleged sexual misconduct never happened, Musk is chalking the entire incident as the political fancies of the actress friend of the flight attendant, whom he believes is trying to sink his acquisition of Twitter with the left’s “standard playbook”

The richest man in the world claims that he did not, in fact, pay $250,000 to a flight attendant to silence her, nor did he ever sexually misconduct himself to one.

It is true that lying is a standard part of the radical left’s playbook when they want to cancel someone. Accusations of racism, sexual misconduct, etc. are all part and parcel of going against the left. And by trying to secure free speech on Twitter, Musk is certainly going against the left.

However, that is not to say with certainty that these allegations are lies–there is not enough information available at the time to do so–it is only to say that Musk has a valid point when he calls it part of the left’s “despicable playbook.”

Given the timing of the friend “speaking out” about the alleged incident, however, when Musk is poised to acquire the large social media platform and transform it into a nonpartisan free speech platform, and after changing his voting registration to Republican, it certainly would be convenient for the radical left if what is alleged to have transpired is real.