Hello all! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here to tell you what you need keep looters far away from your house when disaster strikes. Urban survivalists, don’t get caught off guard when something inevitably goes wrong! This is part one of our two-part series, so make sure to check back to learn more!


How to Protect Yourself


An Unappealing House is a Safe House

I don’t mean trash your yard, or anything like that. That’s a rookie mistake. Trashed houses are good targets as it could hold hidden treasures.


Just make your house less appealing than a neighbors’. You want looters to look elsewhere, ignoring your house. If your house stands out, change it up. Make it look like no work has been done it in forever, scratch the paint here and there, and keep your valuables away from windows, including your food and weapons.


Fortify the House Against Break-ins

Set up “obstacles” all around your front yard to keep looters away from your door. Plant thorny bushes around windows. Keep plants short, so looters have nowhere to hide.


Next, check the door itself. Invest in a quality bolt lock for the door. This isn’t a place to be stingy, get the best lock you can afford. Make sure it’s something a simple pair of bolt cutters can’t break.


Look for weak spots in your home’s defense. Big, fragile windows, or anything with a lot of glass. Cover it with a protective sheeting. It’s available at Walmart and not expensive, but it will make the glass much harder to break.


Last, but certainly not least, get a big, mean-looking dog. When you train it well, you’ll have a companion for your family that you can count on as your bodyguard.


Don’t Let Wandering Eyes See Your Stash

Furniture, TV sets, DVD players, an audio system, or other gadgets. Keep them out of sight. But remember looters aren’t always coming from the outside.


In times of crisis, even your best friend could be a looter. When the eventual downfall comes being generous isn’t on the agenda. If you’re stockpiling(include link to your article about stockpiling), ensure you keep your supplies hidden where visitors won’t see them.


A storage room, pantry, garage, or an actual room you use to store said stockpile, these all will work. Then, ALWAYS KEEP IT LOCKED and don’t leave the key in a noticeable place. Hide it in a cupboard, drawer, or better yet wear it on a chain, so you have it at all times.


Also, work to hide generators, survival kits, weapons, bug-out bags, and the rest of your emergency supplies. Food won’t always be what looters are going for. Some will be looking for hard to find supplies that last. All of it needs to be hidden.


Do you have a looting survival plan in place? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments!