Hello all! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here. This is the second part of our two-part series about protecting your house from looters. If you want to three ways to protect your urban survivalist home from looters during an inevitable crisis last time, follow this series! Here are the final two tips to STAY SAFE, STAY PREPARED! Don’t think it won’t happen, because it might just happen sooner than you think.


Your House Shouldn’t Look Unoccupied

Whenever you’re gone for a longer period of time, make sure it looks like you’re there the entire time.


First, light up your house. Add a motion-sensor lighting system to your property. Whenever anyone gets close, they get lit up. This lighting can be used inside and outside your house to scare looters off before they get to the front door.


Also, don’t let mail get piled up in your box. It screams “I’m not home. Break into my house!” Ask someone you trust to pick it up for you.


If you can, set up timed electronics in the house like a TV or stereo. The sound will make it even more convincing that you are actually at home.


When all else fails…

Don’t Let Looters Off Easy!

When looters enter such a well-prepared house their going to be looking for some great stuff. So, give them a hell of a time finding it. Typically, looters only stay for minutes, avoiding the ever-increasing risk of being caught. The longer it takes for them to find your stuff, the quicker they’ll decide it’s not worth it and leave with just what’s out in the open.


So as a general rule, never keep your valuables on display. However, there are some things you can’t hide, so just etch your name and phone number on them. This will give them a hard time to sell your stuff.


Keep your stockpile in a hidden place, maybe covered up or in a closet, even better in someplace locked up. During a crisis, your stockpile is crucial, so protect it. Put a sturdy bolt lock on it and keep it hidden. Food, water and a heating source, you’ll be good.


During a crisis these tips can help keep your home safe.



Don’t let your family or your stockpile fall in danger. Let me, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, know how you plan to prepare your house in the comments below.