Dr Faucistein and other bigwigs and scientists have reaped an estimated 4350 million dollars in “royalty payments” from drug companies. This story is unbelievable. If the NIH were a private company, people would be going to prison on racketeering charges. Follow the money which has been paid out over a 10-year period.

The NIH hands out $30 billion in grants every year to drug companies, research centers, and university labs. The drug companies and others, then pay a “royalty” to executives and scientists who already get paid by taxpayer dollars. The next year the cycle starts all over again. How much do you suppose Faucistein is making from the experimental COVID-19 drugs? And does he get a bonus for blocking drugs that are used effectively in other parts of the world?

The agency ignored OpenTheBooks.com’s Freedom of Information Act request, forcing the group to go to court with Judicial Watch. Once they got into court, they began slow-walking the documents and redacting them heavily. They finally agreed to supply the two groups with 300 pages a month but insisted on releasing information on payments to Faucistein lastly.

“Because those payments enrich the agency and its scientists, each and every royalty payment could be a potential conflict of interest and needs disclosure. NIH is a revolving door of tens of billions of dollars in government grant-making coupled with hundreds of millions of dollars in private – non-transparent – royalty payments.”

The report paints an incestuous picture of the NIH doling out $30 billion a year in grants to some 56,000 recipients in Big Pharma, research institutes, and other entities, with money flowing back to the secretive agency’s scientists and senior management in the form of huge royalty payments. It is not yet known how much the payments to Fauci, who is the U.S. government’s highest-salaried employee at $456,028, totaled.

The Associated Press reported on the NIH’s royalty database and found 900 scientists collected nearly $9 million in royalties 16 years ago. That report also determined some 51 NIH scientists who were paid royalties worked on experiments involving inventions for which they were already being paid. Among them was Fauci, who received $45,072.82 between 1997 and 2004 for a patent license on an experimental AIDS treatment that was funded with a $36 million NIH grant.

“Since the NIH documents are heavily redacted, we can only see how many payments each scientist received, and, separately, the aggregate dollars per NIH agency,” Andrzejewski wrote.” This is a gatekeeping at odds with the spirit and perhaps the letter of open-records laws.”

In addition to his salary and whatever royalty payments he has received, Fauci last year won a $1 million prize from the Dan David Foundation for “speaking truth to power.”