Anthony Fauci and all the ‘experts’ told us the CVD jab was safe and effective…

So why do we have over 28,000 reported deaths on the government’s own, ‘official’ Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, VAERS?

And, why do we have so many serious injuries?

  •      1,261,000 adverse events
  •      155,000 hospitalizations
  •      129,000 urgent care cases
  •      52,000 permanent disabilities
  •      41,000 severe allergic reactions
  •      40,000 myocarditis/pericarditis
  •      31,000 life-threatening reactions
  •      14,000 heart attacks
  •        4,600 miscarriages

Remember that these ‘official’ figures on VAERS – which rely solely upon voluntary reporting – likely represent only 1% of the ACTUAL cases.


According to the data, 20% of COVID vaxx deaths were related to cardiac disorders…

Young male athletes, whose bodies were in peak condition, have been collapsing since March 2021 – coinciding with the rollout of Big Pharma`s mRNA ‘gene vaccines’.

A recent Danish study showed a strong indication of cardiovascular deaths from those injected with the Pfizer vaxx. According to its lead author, Dr. Christine Stabell-Benn:

“I think there are danger signals in relation to cardiovascular deaths and diseases. We know that now with certainty for the mRNA vaccines with respect to myocarditis and pericarditis. But also anecdotally, I would say there are reports of cardiovascular deaths which I think deserve further scrutinization. This is just a piece in the puzzle, but it adds to the evidence that suggests this is something which should be investigated further for the mRNA vaccines.”

But instead of medical associations and health authorities heeding the warnings in this study – and many others like it – Dr. Stabell-Benn experienced “not a lot of interest” from regulators and companies. “There is major pushback, to be honest.”


What’s more – researchers at Germany’s top hospital, which is one of Europe’s largest – announced a high rate of severe side effects from the vaxx, lasting months or longer, based on a survey of 40,000 Germans.

Dr. Harald Matthes, the study’s lead researcher, estimates that 500,000 Germans have experienced serious side effects following the jab

And for 20% of them, their vaxx injury symptoms persist beyond six months.

Not surprisingly, the German vaccine reporting system – the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) – massively underreports vaccine injuries and deaths – meaning we can multiply the official German figures by 40x.

And just like Fauci and his cabal in the corporate media, the PEI is denouncing anyone who questions their numbers as ‘anti-vaxxers’.


Character assassination is rampant…

Anyone who speaks up and reports the dangers of the vaxx is shunned, shamed, and canceled.

But you can be part of the solution.

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