Why Kansas City Is the Place to Survive

Preppers are flocking to this western Missouri survival destination, and for good reason.



Hello everyone, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to discuss Kansas City, Missouri, the number-one prepper destination in the United States.


Kansas City is the home of the Greater KCI Survival Expo & Gun Show, an annual event between 2015 – 2018. This survival expo featured hundreds of booths of survival and preparedness gear, and it drew thousands of preppers to the area. If you’re looking for a place to survive the apocalypse where you’ll find a like-minded and well-trained community, look no further than this Missouri City.


Why You Should Consider Kansas City

One study conducted by CareerBuilder used marketing analysis data to rank which states are the best—and worst—to live in if you want to survive a zombie outbreak. Kansas City is right at the top of the list, with only one other city ranking higher.


Although the vast majority of us are not really afraid of a potential future zombie outbreak, the reasons KC ranked so highly are also the reason it’s considered a top prepper destination.


CareerBuilder used factors like the abundance of food sources, containment, and defensibility to rank each city, and when it came to Kansas City, Realtor.com agreed. The real estate industry website named KC first on their list of the 200 largest metro areas in the country in which you are most likely to survive the fallout of a nuclear incident.


Realtor.com determined KC was the top destination based upon the number of property listings that had:

  • A bunker or fallout shelter
  • A safe room
  • A lake or pond
  • A basement
  • Solar panels
  • Brick construction


Other factors the real estate website used to determine rankings included the state’s gun score, population density, and the number of likely nuclear targets in the area.


They also considered the percentage of the population that is currently employed as health care workers. In a catastrophic event, the more trained medical personnel you have on-hand, the better.


Missouri’s Underground Missile Silos

Want to learn how to get a Kansas City missile silo of your own? You’ll need to keep your eye on the market because on the rare occasion that these properties become available, you can expect other buyers to try to outbid you.


About Minuteman II Missile Sites

Between 1964 and 1997, the US Air Force managed 165 Minuteman II missile sites in Missouri. Construction of the sites took place between 1961 and 1972. These missile silos could be found in 14 counties, and Kansas City itself is spread out between four counties. While the majority of the city sits in Jackson County, there are also parts of the city that are located in Platte, Cass, and Clay Counties.




After the International Strategic Arms Reduction treaty in the 1990s, the missile sites were decommissioned. This often involved removing the missiles and imploding the silo. However, some sites were merely launch facilities without missles. Of those 15 facilities, 14 were not imploded.  Today they still exist in the State of Missouri, and from time to time these former missile silos hit the market.


In 2017, one western Kansas Minuteman II missile silo was listed for sale on eBay. The price? A surprisingly reasonable $325,000.


Currently Available KC Missile Silo Properties

According to MissleBases.com, there are currently two Minuteman II properties available in the greater Kansas City area.


One of these properties, a communications bunker in L-5 Junction Center, is priced in the $1M – $2.9M range. According to the listing, the bunker is in “amazing” condition, and it has been meticulously well-maintained. The systems in this bunker have potential, and the lucky buyer of this home will easily be able to expand their capabilities. This property is located just an hour outside of KC, so it’s close enough, but far enough away to increase your safety after an apocalyptic event. Owner financing is available.


The second property, a hardened underground bunker-home, is located in Polo, Missouri. This property is a little more affordable at $500K – $999K. This circa-1960s nuclear-proof communications center simply has to be seen to be believed. The previous owners have done so much with it, and it’s easy to imagine what a motivated new owner could add to the property. The space is safe, gorgeous, and in move-in ready condition.


Are you ready to head to Kansas City to take a closer look? So am I!



Take a look inside the Kansas City survival expo.


One KC prepper was arrested for making his own grenades in preparation for TEOTWAWKI. What do you think, survivalists, was this arrest unfair?



Are you a Kansas City survivalist? Why did you choose the area, and why do you recommend it? Please let me, Rob Raskin, and the rest of the readers know in the comments.