In last year’s deadly wildfires in California many people were killed, with a total of 8,527 fires and 1,893,913 acres destroyed. This is Rob Raskin, and I thought I’d take a minute to talk to you about what to do if you are ever trapped in a forest fire so you can be prepared if you are in a drought area when fire season hits again this year. There are many homesteaders in drought-ridden areas, so this is especially crucial for survivalists in these regions.


Knowing how to survive a wildfire is also crucial if you are a survivalist who is living in the woods. When there’s no fire department nearby to save you and roads could be blocked, you’ll need to know how to react quickly and efficiently. When civilization collapses, the people who have the survival skills will head to the wild and away from more populated areas. If this is your plan, make sure you know where the best routes for escape are located.


Before a wildfire strikes

Know where important documents and keepsakes are

Know where your keys and your wallet are

Know where your glasses and your medications are

Know where your pets’ leashes and crates are

DO NOT wait too long to evacuate – emergency responders WILL be swamped, and they might be too overwhelmed to reach you in time


If you are caught in a wildfire

Most important of all is to stay calm

DO NOT try to save your house with a garden hose

If you are on a hill-head lower and fast

Try to steer clear of trees and vegetation if you can

If you can’t move fast enough and there is a swimming pool or other body of water handy, dive in

Lie facedown and cover up your body to protect it if there is no alternative


Until next time, this is Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, Nevada, hoping you stay safe and keep informed and aware in every situation.


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