Hello all! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to talk to you about how useful vacuum sealers are. Every prepper should have a vacuum sealer. I can’t recommend them enough! Even when it’s not a SHTF situation, the average household can save $2,700 per year on food costs by having one because it can extend the shelf life of some foods by as much as five times.


Vacuum sealers are known for sealing food, but you’d be surprised how many other uses they have. You can use your vacuum sealer to seal:

  • Important documents like insurance policies, deeds, and passports – don’t seal because the ink could run
  • Clothing that needs to stay dry
  • First aid supplies and medications
  • To protect precious stones and metals, paper money, and coins
  • To cook by sealing the foods and immersing them in water
  • To keep tinder and matches dry – just make sure you don’t seal matches with the heads together or they could ignite!
  • To seal items that could rattle and make noise if you need to keep quiet to avoid detection
  • Knives and tools – just be sure to use oxygen absorbers, you don’t want them to corrode
  • Ice – you can make ice packs this way!







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