Hello fellow Survivors, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here once again to take a look at ways to survive off-the-grid. Today we’ll be looking at bows and arrows, which can serve as excellent defense and hunting tools. While it may seem old-timey, learning how to hunt with a bow and arrow can be an immensely useful skill. This is a silent way to hunt to defend your property and it doesn’t rely on costly ammunition which may be difficult to replace in a survival scenario.  To become the ultimate survivalist, read on.

Creating the Bow

Obtain a piece of wood that is about 5 to 7 feet long and about and inch to an inch and a half square. This should be one solid piece of wood, not a composite, and can come from a tree. If you use a piece of wood, you’ll have to carve it down so that the edges tape off on both ends, and toward the middle so you can have a handle. If you can’t obtain wood, you can also use a length of PVC pipe. Make sure it is flexible enough to bend and also strong enough to return to its shape on its own.

Stringing the Bow

Cut notches at the both ends, which will hold the string you thread through it. You’ll want to use a strong string or cable which won’t get stretched with repeated uses. Cut a length that is somewhat shorter than your bow, so that when it is tied to it, it draws both ends closer together. You’ll tis this round one of the botches you carved into the ends of your bows. The, gently lean on the bow to bring it down to the other end of your string. Tie that end to your bow, and then hold the bow by the middle. By now, it should be complete.

Making Arrows

To make arrows, you have a wide range of options available to you. You can use sticks that can be found in nature, or man-made items which may be easily available to you. Wooden dowels are ideal raw material for arrows, but you can also use lengths of fiberglass. Heavier arrows will do more damage to your target and can fly further, so you may want to have a stock of these on-hand for perimeter defense or long-distance hunting. However, lighter arrows might be more useful for smaller game, as they’ll inflict less damage on the meat.

Making a bow and arrow can be a cost-effective way to defend yourself fin the wild or in any SHTF scenario. You won’t have to worry about resupply and can enjoy the element of surprise against your target. Just be sure to get enough practice in so that you can act decisively in the moment of decision.


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