What did people do before there were grocery stores? When the SHTF, we’re all going to find out. Better be prepared!


Hello, this is Robert M Raskin of Las Vegas, and I’d like to help you prepare for any scenario in which you may find yourself in the wilderness or the desert without any food or water, whether you ended up in your location unexpectedly, you were separated from your gear, or you ran out of the rations you believed would last throughout the duration of your outdoor expedition or mission. While you can survive for weeks without food, you’ll need water within a day or two if you want to have the strength to carry on.

Edible Plants

When it comes to eating plants in the wild, it is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the plants that are common to your area so you don’t make any tragic mistakes while you are foraging in the wild. Some edible plants that are native to many parts of North America include the amaranth, asparagus, cattails, clover, chicory, dandelions, fireweed, prickly pear, and mustard. I recommend investing in a guide to keep on-hand rather than waiting until you are caught in a situation in which you need to search for food unprepared.

How to identify edible–and toxic–plants in the wild.

Basic Hunting Skills 101

You don’t have to have animal products to get by, but if you are craving meat it helps to know how to acquire it on your own. Long before firearms were invented, people were hunting their food in the wild with handmade weapons, and there’s no reason you can’t too with a little preparation and practice. You can use a bow and arrow, a spear, or even a trap to catch the wildlife that are native to your area so you can have fresh meat even if you are far away from the nearest grocery store. If there is a lake or river nearby, make sure you have what you need to fish nearby, even if you don’t have a fishing pole.

Learn more about primitive hunting skills.

How to Locate Water

Whether you are in the desert in Nevada, the woods in Montana, or you are lost on a deserted island, you may need to find a source of fresh drinking water. Anyone can find and purify drinking water in the wilderness if they have a few simple supplies, and these include a bottle you can boil and carry water in, a hose you can use to siphon or to draw the water from an underground source, and a fire-starter that you can use to boil. You can dig for water even in dry river beds, and snow and ice are a great way to get clean water, though it still needs to be purified and you should not drink it while it is still ice-cold, or you may risk lowering your own body temperature to dangerous levels.

Here are 5 easy tricks to find water in nature.