Hello everyone, Rob Raskin here again, and today I’d like to share a couple of my favorite survivalist blogs with you. There are many incredible resources online that are filled with valuable information, and in a SHTF situation, the more we all band together to share tips and strategies for survival, the better! If you have been looking for more information so you can further your knowledge on survival and homesteading topics, check out the following blogs today.

A True Survivor

Selco has done much more than prepare for survival, because he is a Bosnian man who survived the collapse of Bosnia in 1992, so he actually survived a TEOTWAWKI situation and lived to pass on his advice. This web page contains questions and answers with Selco about what fighting for your survival is really like, and it is fascinating and loaded with things you may have not considered before. It is well worth the read.

Bosnian Survivalist

Learn more about Selco.

The Survival Cache is so much more than a simple survival gear review website. This group of hardcore preppers, former Navy SEALs, Marines, and scientists have experience that goes far beyond what many of us have ever had to face—so far. They write prepper and survival articles that are must-reads for anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of these topics, because these men know their stuff.

Survival Cache

This is Rob Raskin, signing off until next time, but look forward to more blog posts and reviews in the near future. I still have many other blogs to share with you, and of course check the blog here at CATS2010 for my own perspective on prepper topics. See you again soon!