Hello everyone! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, back to bring you another interesting look at possible ways in which we could be seeing the fall of our social order. TEOTWAWKI has to start somewhere, so I try to cover as many bases as possible when examining potential causes and how to prepare yourself for them. Inevitably we survivalists know that when the SHTF, it’s time to bug in or bug out, but it’s our plans may change at any given moment depending on the nature of the scenario. So let’s continue, shall we? And don’t forget to come back to check out part four of the series!



Doesn’t seem likely, right? In the previous series’ subtopic on Financial and Economic Breakdown, I realized the inability to deliver goods by itself could destroy society alone. Though the Dustbowl happened of natural causes, what could prevent that or some other manmade interference from letting it happen again? We rely too much on other countries like Mexico and China, who export much of our consumables. American farming has dropped at an alarming rate, and not enough people are equipped or capable of producing their own food. Degenerate cities promote the urban/rural divide. And with predicted population booms in the coming years, food sources will be depleted.


But then there’s also the issue of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, the UN-sponsored plan to destroy all organic food and nutritional supplements. Junk science has redefined toxins as “nutrients,” serving the financial interests of massive multinational corporations. It is harmful to organic meat and dairy, organic agriculture and clean food, harmful to natural health, to you, and the planet. And because of all the red tape and secretive installation of this CODEX plan, real food as we know it will be gone, and so will your freedom of choice. Will YOU be prepared to harvest your own food when the time comes?



I don’t believe the CDC’s internal numbers are reported in full disclosure. Things like H5N1, mutated flu viruses, Ebola, and even HIV/AIDS are all being misrepresented and have the potential to wreak the kind of havoc unseen since the Bubonic Plague. There’s always something new that the government or liberal media tries to suppress, leaving people like us susceptible to widespread danger. And our American hospitals are left unable to contain the pathogens or handle disease outbreak.


But what if a pandemic strikes?  Here’s what you need to do to best stay prepared:

  • Stay informed as much as possible
  • Prepare for a quarantine; there will be travel restrictions and curfews, so stock up on essential goods, money, and medication for your root cellar
  • Isolate yourself and avoid public places as much as possible; in short, G.O.O.D.
  • Follow basic and advanced hygiene rules; sanitize EVERYTHING, wear latex gloves, goggles, and face masks, and do not share drinks or utensils
  • Remain healthy the best you can by eating healthy, avoiding sweets and salty foods, getting enough sleep, taking vitamins and colloidal silver, and exercising regularly
  • Avoid getting sick at all costs! There may not be a vaccine, and even if there is, the supply may be limited; should you happen to fall ill, keep yourself quarantined from anyone else in your party, but try to seek medical care immediately


These are some pretty scary ideas. Some would say they’re less likely than others, but one thing I’ve learned as a survivalist: never rule out any possibility! But I’d be interested to know what you think. Leave a comment for me, Rob Raskin, down below to further explore these ideas! Part IV of this series will cover World War III/Civil War and EMP Attack.