Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again to teach you the basics of ropemaking. In an emergency, it will be important for you to be able to procure supplies on your own. If part of your bugout plan involves living far away from any place where civil disturbance might be a possibility, you will need to be able to create some vital goods on your own. Rope is one of these and is immensely useful for construction, moving goods, and a wide range of other uses. It’s relatively easy to make on your own and can serve you well throughout whatever emergency you may find yourself in.

Gather Your Materials

To make sturdy rope, you will need to obtain long strands of fiber. This can be obtained from a variety of sources, but plant-based sources will be the easiest for you to obtain. However, anything can be uses, including paper, plastic bags, and even dental floss. You can find all of these either outside, around your home, or if you are close to an area with lots of human activity, scavenged. If you are using grasses, you will want to trim the roots off. If you are using a thicker plant, such as palm fronts or parts of the trunk, you will want to beat the pieces you wish to use to remove the fiber.

Tie the Strings

Once you have the materials you would like to use for making tope, begin twisting them together. You can do this by first tying together the strings together at one end and then moving each piece over the next. You will want to continue this down the length of your rope. You can add in additional pieces as needed by making sure the ends of the new section of tope are tied into the previous ones. In this way, you can make your tope however long or short you need it to be depending on your specific needs.

Making rope can be a valuable skill that can provide you with an immensely useful resource. The more you can make on your own without relying on the outside world, the better off you will be in any emergency.