Greetings, Survivors! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, and for this third installment of out three-part series on how to build a bunker, we’ll take a look at ways you can use the cement and concrete you’ve created. A bunker can be a sound investment in your future, but you have to build it right, or it can just as easily trap you as it can defend you. Learn about the steps that go into creating a safe and effective bunker, and you can be sure that your future is in the best hands possible.

Designing Your Bunker

One of the most important steps in constructing your bunker will happen before you ever pout any concrete. You’ll have to have a good design before making any commitments. You’ll want to make sure that you dig deep enough to avoid any confusion in your bunker which could hamper its effectiveness in defending you. You’ll want to make sure that it conforms to your broader survival strategy. Is this your main bunker, or a satellite installation? Do you plan to stay here permanently if the need arises, or is this a place where you can quickly hide from intruders? Clarifying the purpose of your bunker early on will make construction easier.


This is a surprisingly complicated part of bunker construction, so it’s important to take every step necessary to get what you need before you begin building. If you are digging a simple bunker, you may be able to do much of the work by hand. However, if you are making a more elaborate construction, you’ll want to obtain heavy equipment, which can be useful for quickly moving earth. You’ll want to make sure that you call the local utility company before you dig to avoid power lines which you might disturb, or which could injure you.


Once you have settled on the specifics, you can get to work actually building your bunker. You’ll want to avoid wood, and simply opt for brick or cinder blocks if you need structures to build around. However, by laying out frames for your concrete, you can easily construct the bunker you want by pouring a little bit of concrete at a time. You can pour your concrete into whatever shapes you want, to create tunnels, mazes to confuse attackers, watchtowers and more. You can also use it to build walls around your bunker and to reinforce the roof, which needs to be strong to deter attackers and to provide protection from a wide variety of threats.

Once you have created your bunker, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve taken a grate lap toward securing your property and life from dangers. You can visit your bunker any time to make sure it is adequately stocked and will serve you in your time of need.