Hello everyone! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to talk to you about what you should do to misdirect the Golden Hode after TEOTWAWKI. This is part two of a two-part series. What is a Golden Horde? This is a mass of people who weren’t smart and prepared like we are, leaving them to roam the streets in search of YOUR BELONGINGS. First, the Gold Horde will mostly prey on the easiest targets, especially individuals and small groups and especially in the beginning. Why? They’re trying to protect themselves.


What You’ll Need to Do


Be Invisible

This is the best option. YOU DO NOT EXIST. You and your “place.” No one can see it. You might get stumbled across, but if they can’t see you from their routes, they won’t know the chance to pilfer your supplies, or harm you, is there. Invisibility might be literally being out of sight or minimizing invitation while in plain sight.



Preferably your “place” is out of sight from main and even minor routes of travel. It’s safer to be off the beaten path. The chances aren’t gone though. Don’t convince yourself you’re every safe. That fear will keep you ALIVE.


You’re not immune from problems caused by a terrible collapse of infrastructure and distribution. There will be too many unprepared for this eventuality. Stocking your “place” and growing your own crops, being as self-reliant as you can, is the way to survive.


Minimizing Unintentional Invitation

While there might be little you can do to deter a large organized horde from pillaging systematically across an area, you may be able to redirect smaller groups or individuals more easily, avoiding unintentional invitation. Again, a single person or a small group will be seeking easy opportunity. So, don’t be one.


You could try to “gray out” your “place” to make it dull and blend in or to appear useless. You could also make your “place” look threating so they’ll move along. Both have their pros and cons.

  • Blending in: For instance, you might think a place that looks abandoned could be an invitation for “lookers” who feel safe to check it out. On the other hand, the non-descript look could cause people to overlook it believe it holds no promise.
  • Threat of force: A defensible fortress will likely deter individuals and small groups. However, it most certainly signals there are supplies there. You might be opening yourself up to a more strategic attack and action from larger groups.


The Right Combination

Nothing’s going to work 100% of the time. Your SAFETY DEPENDS ON EXTREME PREPAREDNESS.

Being ”grayed out” and unremarkable is typically preferred. But you’re going to want to be backed up with a strong defensible position as well, with a solid way to DEFEND YOURSELF. Also, a backup plan to leave quickly, even just temporarily, if things get out of hand will be crucial. Have cache somewhere else to get you by in the meantime.


To Enhance Your Invisibility

  • DO NOT MAKE ANY NOISE. Keep as quiet as you can to avoid attracting attention
  • Be wary of the smells you make, food cooking, smoke, etc.
  • Smoke can also be seen from far away.
  • SOLAR PANELS, they’ll be a commodity. But try to keep them unseen from the main point of approach.
  • Keep light to a minimum at night.
  • HIDE YOUR SUPPLIES. Don’t keep them in plain sight.


Setting up a Security Patrol

You’re going to need to keep your security in mind AT ALL TIMES. Think about this:

  • Do you have enough people to do shift?
  • Get yourself a good NIGHT VISION DEVICE, it’s a game changer and force multiplier.
  • Create a plan for how to treat a threat, escaping, fighting, hiding, etc.


Are you ready to face the Golden Horde? Let me, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, know how you plan to prepare in the comments below.