Greetings, folks! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I want to talk about how our food supply is being controlled by a conglomerate of government and corporation. Unfortunately, too often these entities have liberal agendas that keep people restrained, compliant, and subservient. Henry Kissinger once said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Preppers beware: when the time comes to stockpile your food supply, know what you’re putting in your reserve inventory. You may just be gathering the very things that could cause you harm, not health. On top of that, it’s vital even before TEOTWAWKI hits to know what your own government is up to while it tries to control you by controlling the food supply. And here are a few ways they are doing that.



The United Nations, backed by the World Health Organization, have adopted this global “food code” by a regulated set of international standards of practice, guidelines, food production, and food safety. But this is deception. You can read more about it here, where you will discover just how it’s being pushed onto Americans and threatening our freedom and health with only money, power, and GMOs at the heart of their designs.



Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not only killing people, but they are also being pushed on us by the same government/liberal corporate consortium designed on controlling our foods. Non-GMO crops are being converted and engineered food is replacing organic food. Public outcry against GMO foods is at an all-time high, and we’re catching wind of their dirty liberal tricks. Do your best to be aware or ask a prepper what specific kinds of foods to stockpile.



Here’s another way they’re trying to get us to use GMO products. Because chemtrails cause geoengineering, they are affecting our crops. The liberal agenda wants us to believe in global warming, so they drop chemicals into the air trying to prevent it, but it winds up destroying our organic food. Certain seeds won’t grow with these chemicals, but GMO seeds will. More control by a crooked system of government and liberal baloney.


Ethanol and Other Chemicals

More global warming garbage has led to the use of ethanol, a manmade chemical compound intended for use as a “clean-burning” fuel source. But our farmland is being used to harvest ethanol, NOT crops we actually NEED. Same with xenoestrogens being put into our foods by globalist frauds, along with dangerous chemicals like barium, thorium, aluminum salts, polymer fibers, and silicon carbide.


Refuse to accept the propaganda perpetrated by government and corporations with a liberal agenda! Let’s have a discussion about what we can do to combat the destruction and control of our food supply. Let me, Rob Raskin, know what you’re thinking. Leave some comments below!