Welcome to the last in a four-part series of posts from me, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, about perfecting your barter stockpile. You’ve started to learn more about holding onto some more “unnecessary” items like cigarettes and booze, here we’ll talk about a few last items that will be prized as post-collapse luxuries. These items will make you the King of the Barter Economy in the world after a long-term disaster. So…LET’S GET PREPPED!!



While they aren’t required for survival, these will be sought-after luxury items when you want to avoid the consequences of not using them post-collapse. We will continue to have sex following a disaster and protection from pregnancy and STDs is needed. If you’re the one with the condom stockpile for barter, you’ll be quite popular. You can get bulk options online easily. Hold on to some for yourself and keep a stockpile set aside for bartering.


Lighters and Matches

The need for these items is pretty self-explanatory, but keep in mind that like condoms and some of the other items mentioned, would most valuable for barter following a major and long-term EOTWAWKI event.  Stockpiling smaller amounts of several barter items can be the best option. Lighters can work for a while, but they’ll run dry eventually, so also get waterproof and regular easy strike matches. To ensure your matches last, put them in a tight storage container with a desiccant, like those silica gel packs that come in new shoes and the like. Next time you buy pair of sturdy boots, save the packages for your matches. You can also buy them online here.


When TEOTWAWKI happens, THE PREPARED SURVIVE! We won’t have as much time as you think. Get going on your stockpiles today. And as always, STAY PREPARED, STAY SAFE!!


What survival barter Items do have you stockpiled? Share your thoughts and comments with me, Rob Raskin, in the comments!