Hello, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here! You’ve been learning all about how to stock up on items that can make bartering after the inevitable collapse easier and more successful. This is part three of the series and we’ll cover a few more supplies you should definitely keep some extra of, so you can use them to get things you’re running low on. And remember, WHEN YOU’RE PREPARED, YOU’RE SAFE! This is part three of a four-part series, so be sure to check back for more!


Toilet Paper, Diapers, and Tampons

These items are always in demand especially following the aftermath of both short-term and long-term disasters. Yes, substitutions like a cloth or even leaves can be made, and that’s what makes toilet paper a luxury in this situation and preferred by nearly everyone. Tampons and pads will fit that same situation. Yes, substitutions can be made but these will be highly prized if you have them. Diapers are also highly sought-after. If you have a baby, plan to, or someone in your prepper group does, investigate cloth diapers and maybe stock up on the supplies for them as well as disposables.


Coffee, Tobacco, and Booze

Yup, we want this stuff. It’s good for morale and when we’re living post-collapse it will be that much more important. Bags of vacuum-sealed tobacco have the longest shelf life. Brewing your own alcohol will make you very popular. You can learn how to do it here(link to your article). However, it will also likely increase your odds of being robbed, so security will be crucial. Right now, there are laws about brewing your own alcohol and you’d be best sticking to them. After a major collapse however, you won’t have to worry about them.


These stockpile supplies are good for your own uses and extra can make you that much more able to barter successfully. In the last post in the series, we’ll round out the list of these necessary items.


Let me, Rob Raskin, know what items you plan to stock pile when TEOTWAWKI happens in the comments!