Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here. In the first piece, we started talking about what supplies make great barter items when a large-scale disaster strikes. Here, we’ll continue to list important items that you can use to barter for your own supplies and necessary items. Remember, when you’re PREPARED, you’re SAFE. This is part two of a four-part series, so don’t forget to check back!


Rechargeable Batteries and Solar Panels

Now, I’m not talking about large home solar panels, though setting those us is a good idea too. No, I mean is the smaller solar chargers like the USB battery charger for rechargeable AA/AAA, Ni-Mh, and Ni-Cd batteries. These kinds of things run about $25 to $75 dollars. You could also potentially arrange a charging center, where people could can bring batteries to charge and you use your solar set up to do so in exchange for goods.


First Aid Provisions

You probably know that having your own personal first-aid items like bandages and gauze are a great idea, you can also stock up on premade first-aid kits for barter. Right now, these kits cost you around $20, but post-collapse they’ll be like gold. Don’t forget about antibiotics. Infection will be the leading killer from wounds and antibiotics can be purchased now and stockpiled. Just make sure you have enough for yourself before you start trading. Additionally, medical skills, either your own or from someone in your group, will be highly prized.  You can trade your assistance for anything you need.



As mentioned above, medical skills will be in high demand. However, other skills such as carpentry, auto and shop mechanics, sewing, firearms repair, etc. will also be in high-demand and those skills can be bartered for goods as well. Stockpile a set of tools you’ll need to get the job done in the best, quickest, and SAFEST way possible. Hide these tools well, you don’t want someone stealing something you not only need yourself but can get you other supplies down the line.


Do you have a plan in place for the collapse of society? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments!