Hello, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I’d like to talk to you about something very important—getting a good night’s sleep! Buying the wrong sleeping bag can lead to an unhappy camper who is too hot, too cold, or worse. The most important part of selecting your next sleeping bag is getting the right bag for the climate. How much rain does the area have? How much moisture? What is the average temperature for the time of year you’ll be in the area? The answers to these questions will be an important part of the selection process.


The Basics

By far the most important part of choosing a sleeping bag is making sure it is EN rated. If it’s not, you can’t really be sure what you’re getting, and you might find out too late! A bag liner is also crucial, because you’ll be able to wash the liner without having to go to the hassle of finding an industrial washer where you can wash the whole sleeping bag. I also cannot underestimate the importance of airing the bag out thoroughly after each use. If you have ever skipped this step, you know why.


Types of Bags

There are many types of bags available. You can buy single bags, Adam and Eve bags you can zip together, down bags, waterproof compression bags, and multi-system bags. I have also heard of survivalists who use a lighter bag when it’s warmer out and then put it inside a heavier bag in winter. You may also appreciate a bag that allows for ventilation at the bottom. Bags also come in different lengths, so if you are tall or short you may need to try them on for size first. Likewise, if you are someone who feels claustrophobic in mummy bags, you may want to skip them!


What’s your favorite sleeping bag? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments!