Hello! Robert Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I want to discuss what you would need if you decided to try living in the wild. Whether you simply want to get away from the rat race, you are on an odyssey of self-discovery, or you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you may be considering it yourself. Many people dream of leaving it all behind and living off the grid, but few will actually go through with it.


Aside from the loss of modern comforts and conveniences, there are many questions to consider before you decide to try living in the woods. Is it legal to live there? Would you live in a cabin or other structure? What would you do if you were lost? What if you can’t find any wild game? It is possible to live free in the US today, but you have to know where to look, and a great deal of research will be involved. The wilderness can be incredibly beautiful, but it can also be deadly. The joys and rewards of living off the land are numerous, if you are prepared to handle the hardships as well.


Some Basics You May Need to Live in the Wild

  • Double-headed axe
  • Your gun of choice
  • Ammo
  • A survival knife
  • Fire starters
  • Snare wire
  • A bow saw
  • A Peavey tool
  • Fishing gear


What you’ll need for your specific area depends on the climate and the lifestyle you want to lead. Have you ever lived in the wild? How long did you stay? Would you do it again? Let me, Robert Raskin, know in the comments!