Hello, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I’d like to discuss snake protection gear. Whether you live in an area with a high venomous snake population or you are planning to hunt in one, you may be considering buying snake boots, chaps, or gaiters. Whether or not you wear snake protection gear is largely a matter of personal preference. Many preppers don’t leave home without them, and others find them unnecessary.


If you spend time in an area venomous snakes frequent, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of snake gear.


Snake Boots

Snake boots may seem like a no-brainer because they offer a solid layer of protection from the ground up. Many survivalists have complaints about these boots, however. They can be uncomfortable, they can trap moisture, and they can be extremely inflexible. Not to mention they cost a fortune!


Snake Chaps

Many preppers find chaps to be a more convenient option. However, buying chaps may not be worth the expense, because 99% of snakes are low strikers that will bite you between your feet and knees. Chaps that go above the knee may make you hot and sweaty without offering any extra protection.


Snake Gaiters

Gaiters are the affordable option of choice for many preppers. They offer more flexibility, more ventilation, and more mobility. Consider your activities and the temperature in your area along with how much protection you want and then make an informed decision.


Statistically the vast majority of snakebite victims are young males who admit they were playing with a snake, many of whom were legally drunk. We know better than that! However, it’s not always possible to avoid venomous snakes, and you need to be particularly cautious when you are lifting rocks and logs and to pay attention to where you are walking.


Do you have a preference when it comes to snake protection gear? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments!