Hello! Robert Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I’d like to talk with you about whether or not there will be enough wild game to sustain mankind in a disaster scenario. Our forefathers may have lived off the land and depended on hunting for survival, but the world was a very different place back then. Today many large game animals have been hunted out of existence or close to it, and habitats have been destroyed.


Many survivalists are able to live off the land because there is not a lot of competition for resources, but if the worst should happen and society collapses, everyone will be trying to hunt—and that will ruin it for the experienced hunters by scaring the game that is left away. This will leave more experienced survivalists in a position where they will need to move farther away from society. Will you be up to the challenge?


By the early 1900’s hunters were already struggling to find game, and back then the US population was just 76 million. Today there are over 324 billion people in the US, so the population has more than quadrupled while wildlife numbers are dwindling. Some people theorize that a return to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle will help boost wildlife numbers, but that remains to be seen. In the event of a natural disaster or political upheaval, we may just find out.


Because the abundance of wildlife is directly affected by the health of the wilderness, a SHTF situation that results in a reduction of the human population could change the wild so hunting is more sustainable over time. We never know what the future will hold, and that’s why it is crucial to BE PREPARED. Do you have plenty of wild game where you live? Do you see that changing if TEOTWAWKI should happen? Discuss it with me, Robert Raskin, and the rest of my readers in the comments!