Hello, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I’d like to talk to you about the need to be prepared to get your power from an alternative source. Frankly, we don’t know if the grid will be around forever, especially when you consider how unstable the world can be. Despite the fact that some experts have declared that cyberterrorism has reached a point where it could spell the end of the world as we know it, including knocking-out power grids for a long time, your average American wouldn’t last two weeks without power.


Renewable Energy for Survival

Whether you simply want to save money or you are worried about the threat of powers that could shut down the grid in an attack, there are alternatives that can allow you to maintain power regardless of the situation. Solar power is one solution—provided the sun’s light is visible, of course (such as, for example, in a nuclear winter situation). Other alternatives available to homesteaders and survivalists that will allow you to have access to renewable energy without being connected to a utility grid include wind turbines, battery banks, and even propane. Which one will work best for you is dependent on your unique situation, because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to alternative energy sources.


Some people even fear that North Korea is a threat to our power grid, and hackers are another persistent threat. There are many sources of renewable energy that homesteaders and preppers have to choose from, along with a variety of solar-powered gear. It’s no secret that our nation’s power grid is vulnerable, and that is why many homesteaders have turned to alternative energy sources they will be able to count on if TEOTWAWKI is upon us. The time to begin looking into this is now and not after the worst has happened. Which alternative energy source works best for you? Let me, Rob Raskin, know in the comments.