Hello everyone! Rob Raskin of Las Vegas here, and today I’d like to tell you about a couple of websites that are incredible sources for information on topics related to survival, off-grid living, and disaster preparedness. At CATS2010, we are very proud of our efforts in these areas, but there are many other sites that are also valuable resources. You will find articles on any topic you can dream of on these sites, and I highly recommend you check them out because you never know when TEOTWAWKI might be upon us.



SurvivalBlog.com is brought to you by James Wesley Rawles, a survivalist author who is a former US Army Intelligence officer. This virtual community has come together in the interest of preparedness, whether in the event of a natural or a man-made disaster. This is the most popular daily survival blog, so there are well over 28K articles here—enough to keep you reading for a long time! Just a few of the topics you’ll find here are self-sufficiency, logistics, tools, privacy, encryption, hunting, trapping, off-grid power, evaluating parcels for off-grid living, finding survival retreats, and small unit tactics. You can’t be too prepared, and this is an excellent choice if you want to make sure you have everything covered.



If you believe mainstream America needs a crash course in self-reliant lifestyles, then you’ll fit right in at AmericanPreppersNetwork.com. APN is co-owned by Tom Martin, Hugh Vail and Phil Burn, and their mission is to bring knowledge and understanding of these topics to the mainstream, because they believe that disaster prep and off-grid living bring communities together. At this website you will learn what you should have on-hand in the event of a disaster, how you can help yourself and your community, and how disasters can be overcome on both personal and neighborhood levels.


This is Rob Raskin, and I hope you’ll check back soon to see what other topics I will be covering. I’d like to take a moment to send good thoughts to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey, who are learning the hard way that you never know when disaster may strike. Be prepared, and stay safe.