Hello everyone! Robert Raskin of Las Vegas here again, and today I thought I’d write about something fun—survival movies. There are so many classic survival movies that it’s hard to know where to begin. From War of the Worlds to zombies, survival is a topic Hollywood never grows tired of because all of the essential elements of what makes movies great are present: action, excitement, and suspense. I can’t name all of the great survival films here, but these two are a couple of my favorites.



This story is unbelievable because it is true, and it is truly a miracle that anyone survived when this Uruguayan rugby team’s plane crashed in the Andes mountains. The story is well-known because the survivors ended up having to resort to cannibalism to stay alive, but if you look beyond the shock value you will see that this story involved much more. After being stranded in frozen terrain for two months, 16 of these man managed to survive a situation of us many of us can’t imagine—and hopefully won’t ever have to!


Red Dawn

This movie was a big deal in the eighties when the Cold War had everyone wondering if nuclear attack was on the horizon, and any patriot has had a moment when they watched it for inspiration. What can a group of eight teens do against invaders from a foreign army? High school trained these teen heroes well for guerilla warfare, and it turned out they could accomplish a lot more damage than anyone suspected. This movie is a testament to what can be done when a group of patriots are willing to do anything to protect the country they love.


What are your favorite survival movies? Let me, Robert Raskin, know in the comments.