There is nothing to joke about when it comes to the topic of protecting our families and freedom. These are very uneasy times, with global threats of terrorism and a variety of disturbances right here in our domestic backyard. Middle-class families are still in the everyday struggle to make it, and corruption within government, Wall Street, and the general corporate world seems like it is at an all-time high. Right now seems like a very opportune time to discuss our personal security and the steps we can all take to make sure we are well protected in the midst of a civil unrest.

The threat of any civil disturbance is a very serious one, for those who don’t have their blinders on. Mass fear and panic, an unexpected lack of resource, widespread disease or any type of terror can always be right around the corner. Fortunately there are a few ways we can all work through a civil unrest in our neighborhoods and survive. With preparation, what could be the apocalypse for some could simply be a minor convenience for the rest of us.

The first step in making sure that you are ready for any unnatural occurrence is to make certain that your basic and backup supplies are fully stocked in order. Water, food, sanitation materials and prescription medication can most likely me very scarce in a situation when there is widespread panic.

Second, take great inventory of your home’s security measures and decide if anything needs an upgrade. Are your weapons in a safe place that is accessible in the event that your home is breached? Considering the worst case scenario and planning for the best, is the best strategy to think of when preparing your home. Being able to shield what is going on outside in your neighborhood by simply setting your home up to be a safe haven can prove beneficial in the long run.

Third, keeping good stock of personal firearms and defenses is a great idea. Now might be the time to start hitting the gun range and shoring up your weapon accuracy as well. In the event of an emergency, the ability to react comes very fast. The more prepared you are, the longer your livelihood will remain unscathed.

Next you will want to stockpile a bit of cash in your home, preferably in a safe. In the event of mass chaos or a riot (for example), most banks and ATM’s are likely to be out of operation or inaccessible.

Last, your ability to survive any emergency solely depends on how prepared you are. Remember the famous adage, if you “fail to plan; you plan to fail!”